Awkward Sex Show with Carey Callahan - 'Preggers'

November 13, 2012 @ 10 p.m.

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This week we're feeling particularly fertile and pregnant with narrative possibility. We want to hear your pregnancy scares, your pregnancy dreams realized, how embodying the lush mother-goddess for 9 months changed how you got off, what it's like to get a pregnant woman off, and if you had a sexy midwife/ob-gyn. MILTCFIYII's (Mom's I'd Like to Consensually Fuck If You're Into It) are especially invited.

Each episode we'll discuss another aspect of this weird uncomfortable nerve-wracking thing we call the Human Sexual Experience. 30% comedy, 30% the kind of therapy you get when you go to the bar with your best friend, and 40% telling embarrassing stories in front of strangers, we only want to make sure all you weirdos understand we're not alone in being seriously fucking confused by all of this shit.

Hosted by Carey Callahan with a rotating team of co-hosts (this episode some peoples favorite swarthy latino Ramon Rivas II), the episodes are filmed live upstairs every Tuesday at 10p. Upstairs bar opens at 9p, and offers $0.25 wings & $2 cans! Those are deals.

Let's get rowdy.

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